Applications for web and mobiles

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Applications for web and mobiles

We could say that an application (app) is a program or a small set of programs that perform very specific tasks, while a system would be a set of programs with a wider scope, or even more complex.

From the moment that mobility has become a great reality in our lives, where many of the key features of a desktop computer or a notebook, became available in small devices (mobiles), as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, among others, the app term has become increasingly popular nowadays.

If for many years we had difficulty explaining to a normal human being (outside of IT) what is a software, a computer program, a system, etc., now suffice it to say that this is an app that the person knows immediately what we're talking about.

Currently we can find several online stores, exclusively for sale applications on the web (Internet), like Chrome Web Store, Microsoft Store, Apple Store, the Windows Phone Store, among others.

We have applications that need to be downloaded and then installed on your device, but also we have many applications that can be run directly on Internet sites, many of which are already responsive to a wide range of screen sizes, from small mobiles to computers with large monitors, or even on huge screens of digital TV.

As applications example, we could say that the most popular are the games, social networks, word processors, spreadsheets, GPS, financial indicators, weather / climate information, online news, antivirus, music players, video players, among many others.

Date of text making up: 01.24.2015.

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