The art of programming

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The very importan Developer

If you look around you will see that that you are surrounded by electronics and appliances, from little ones, like cells or smartphones, that you carry everywhere, to large refrigerators, televisions or washing machines, so important for your comfort and the comfort of your family and others.

Now, if you look even better, you will see that almost all of these devices are in some way or another, programmed, and even programmable. Your washing machine is programmed at the factory in such a way that allows you to configure it for it to make the service by following the steps for you programmed, since the choice of washing up to the amount of spin that must be performed, among other options, depending on the type and model of washing machine you have.

Your microwave oven also comes with embedded software from the factory, which also allows you to perform a number of combinations for cooking your food, or just to give a light heat, or even just thaw it.

So it is with the most modern refrigerators, the most sophisticated stoves, bakeries, among many, many other appliances, which are programmed to facilitate more and more your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Leaving the appliance area, we can move on to the domestic consumer electronics area, where the range of pre-programmed resources is still much higher. If you have not already bought, certainly you are already planning to purchase your digital TV, with the highest amount of possible programmed and programmable resources and the largest available screen, since that will fit into your room and your budget. After the TV comes the DVD player, CD, your stereo music player, and much more.

We then proceed to those who have become stars from the 1980s, that is, personal computers. We start with the personal desktop computer, follow then to the notebook, and continue to decrease with size, so that now fits in the palm of our hands, whether in the form of a mobile phone, a smartphone, a tablet and so on.

In parallel to this evolution of our equipment, especially computers, was also evolving the Internet, which connects us, makes us all, globalized beings. We go to anywhere in the world and anywhere in the world comes to us with an incredible speed, never imagined by our ancestors.

That is, we now live in a "programmed world", a world where almost everything revolves around the result of the work of a very important class of professionals, a class of professionals who transforms his logic thinking on commands to be followed by a machine, a class of professional initially called as Computer Programmers and nowadays better known as Software Developers.

Since your small smartphone, to the rocket going to space, going through the powerful airplanes, commuter trains (subways), cars with computerized controls, the production lines of the factories, the sales points of the shops and supermarkets, through internet sites that you attend daily, among others, the computer program is present, increasingly more and more important and needed, and, behind each computer program, there is the capacity of an important human being, an important professional, that is, the important Computer Programmer, the important Software Developer.

Date of this text: February 3, 2015.

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