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Earn money

If you are an interesting content generator, like to publish this content on your website pages, believes you can receive many visitors on your site to see your content, you are a perfect candidate to sign up for Google AdSense.

AdSense is an advertising service which is offered by Google company, on whose website you can find information and detailed rules on this great revenue generator.

Owners of websites can sign up for AdSense, aiming receive the right to display ads on their site, whether in text format, images or videos.

Once your AdSense application is approved, you receive a Google application code, which will be part of the lines of code html / css / javascript, which can be copied and pasted in the places of pages of your site where the ads should be displayed.

The display of the ads is administered by Google and generate profit based primarily on the number of clicks received by ads on your site.

Nowadays, where mobile devices (mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, etc.) are dominating the Internet access market, it is very interesting also that your website is developed with responsive web design, with Adsense ads also responsive, so that the same site adapts to any platform where you run, from the less existing mobile to the largest screen available on digital TV, going thru, of course, by the notebooks and desktop computers.

There are other companies that offer you the possibility to profit from the content of your site, but Google AdSense is still the best known.


Keep in mind that you will only make money with your website if you generate much quantity and quality of published content, so that you really can attract many, many visitors and that, among these various visitors, there will be also those who are interested on ads displayed, by visiting these advertisers through click on the advertising thereof.

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