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  index-en.jsp Gesoft Informática - Home Page Software factory. Development of sites, systems, applications, apps, programs. Software packages. Host of sites, etc.   vision.jsp Site vision of Gesoft Informática Site vision of Gesoft Informática  vision contact.jsp Gesoft Informática - Contact Us - Talk with us Contact Us - Talk with us.  vision development.jsp Development: Software factory, web design, customizations Development: Software factory, web design, customizations.  vision map-of-the-site.jsp Gesoft Informática - Sitemap vision of the English version of the site Site Map of Gesoft Informatica, with which you can get a vision of the version in English of this website.  vision packages.jsp Packages, Systems, Applications Packages, Systems, Applications.  vision projects.jsp Projects: management, manager Projects: management, manager.  vision site.jsp Site: Purchase domain, Hosting, Advertise Site: purchase domain, hosting, advertise, advertising, monetize, make money.  vision wall.jsp Wall of articles, tips, prayers, jokes, etc. Wall of articles, tips, prayers, jokes, etc.  vision/development creation-of-sites.jsp Gesoft Informática - Creating sites - responsive web design Creating sites with responsive web design. Design, modeling, development, programming, coding, testing, etc. Layered architecture, MVC, Model View Controller, Object Oriented. Domain and hosting (dedicated server, shared server, cloud service). Responsive web design for desktop and mobiles.  vision/development software-customization.jsp Gesoft Informática - Software customization Software customization, systems, applications, computer programs, sites, pages.  vision/development software-factory.jsp Gesoft Informática - Software factory Software Factory. Software architecture. Software engineering. Business analysis. Survey and analysis requirements. Systems analysis. Design, modeling, drawing, development, programming, application coding and systems. Layered architecture, MVC, Model View Controller, Object Oriented.  vision/packages applications.jsp Gesoft Informática - Applications for web and mobiles Applications for web and mobiles.  vision/packages packages.jsp Gesoft Informática - Packages of software Administration packages Payroll, Accounting, Tax Books, Paper Box, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Service Management, among others, for accounting offices and industrial, commercial and service companies. Software packages (systems, applications, programs) to download and install and / or use on the Internet (SaaS - Software as a Service).  vision/packages systems.jsp Gesoft Informática - Computerized systems HR Systems, Human Resources, Accounting Administration, Tax Administration, Cash Flow, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Inventory and Logistics Management, Purchasing, Sales, Billing, Services Administration.  vision/projects management.jsp Gesoft Informática - Project management Project management. Project manager. PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). PMI (Project Management Institute). Initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and closing projects, given scope, time, estimate cost, with the expected quality.  vision/site domain.jsp Gesoft Informática - Domain registration for sites Domain registration for sites.  vision/site hosting.jsp Gesoft Informática - Webhost - web hosting - site hosting Webhost - web hosting - site hosting.  vision/site make-money.jsp Gesoft Informática - Advertise on your site and earn money Advertise your site through Google Adsense and make money from the web content you generate, currently work at home without schedules. But remember, to make money, your site needs interesting content, enough visitors and many clicks on the ads shown by AdWords advertisers.  vision/wall articles.jsp Professional articles, working articles, human resources articles, entrepreneurship articles, management articles, governance articles, etc. Articles related to careers, work, human resources, behavior, conduct, business management, entrepreneurship, programming, IT management, information technology, project management, governance, ITIL, COBIT, Java, .Net, Web, Internet, Ajax , HTML, XHTML, Javascript, XML, among others.  vision/wall jokes.jsp Laughter is the best medicine - jokes, anecdotes, humor, sarcasm, satire, fun Jokes and anecdotes, with very good mood, to relieve some of the stress of day-to-day. We work, we fight for our life support, we try to make money, pay our debts, finally, we are serious about life, but we also need moments of leisure, rest, fun, relaxation, relax, no-stress, high-spirited. Like the Pretinho Básico, program of Radio Atlântida, and Jô Soares, from Globo TV, we also want cause you much laughter.  vision/wall prayers.jsp Faith prayers for a long, healthy and happy life May God bless us all! Faith Prayers for a long, healthy and happy life. Do every prayer with love in the heart. Have always full hope in achieving your goals, because with faith all things are possible. Believe and you will achieve.  vision/wall tips.jsp Tips and tricks for the most diverse areas and situations. Domestic, ecological ... Tips and tricks that can be useful for many different areas and situations. Can be technical, household, personal, professional, among others.  vision/wall/articles administration.jsp Articles of administration, business management, etc. Articles focused on administration, business management, management, etc.  vision/wall/articles career.jsp Articles of professional career, HR, entrepreneur, manager, governance, Etc. Articles about careers, labor market, employment, profession, salary, relationship, leadership, etc.  vision/wall/articles global-world.jsp Articles of the global world, globalized scenario, international scene, etc. Articles of global world, globalized scenario, involving all the international scene, universal, the earth and the entire universe.  vision/wall/articles human-behavior.jsp Articles of human behavior, social, society, etc. Articles about human behavior, social integration, life in society, personal conduct, etc.  vision/wall/articles human-resources.jsp Articles of human resources, people, workers, leadership, management, etc. Human resources articles, people management, worker welfare, leadership, management, teamwork, business valuation, training, etc.  vision/wall/articles/administration customer-oriented-schools.jsp Schools of higher education oriented to the customer The law of supply and demand is more alive than ever in the university education sector. Responding to market needs in a highly competitive environment, a University of North Caroline began offering differentiated services to their students. Under the direction of Dr. Nido Qubein, a brilliant businessman in the region and renowned speaker at High Point University (HPU) offers services and activity levels never before seen by students in higher education.  vision/wall/articles/career forefront-of-jobs-worldwide.jsp Forefront of jobs in the US and around the world Thanks to former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, who helped develop and raise awareness and people's attention to the carbon footprint and create industries in the desire to do the right things, there is a growing number of related jobs energy savings, the complementary cutting-edge technologies, environmental issues generated by the energy crisis. According to a study by Management Information Services, Inc., a research firm based in Washington, DC, that has been monitoring the green jobs for two decades, new management and environmental protection companies have established themselves in the United States 5.3 million jobs.  vision/wall/articles/career release-the-clown-in-you.jsp Professional Success - Release the clown in you Professional Success - Release the clown in you. That's the message of a human development course offered to companies of England. Sound strange? Then see only the name of the course: How to be an idiot. He was shocked? Now know who gives this course in reputable organizations is a British actress and circus clowns professional trainer named Angela de Castro, who, incidentally, is Brazilian.  vision/wall/articles/global-world corporate-blindness.jsp Corporate blindness. Anxiety in the workplace. According to the results of the latest survey of the Economic Anxiety at the Worksplace, launched by Elliot Masie, 85 percent of respondents have some concern with the economy in the workplace and 29 percent have high degree of anxiety. Only 15 percent of those surveyed reported having low or no degree of anxiety in the workplace.  vision/wall/articles/global-world the-leader-staggers.jsp The Leader staggers. US competitiveness on the world stage. The leader staggers stumbles. US competitiveness on the world stage. For many years, the United States had the leader of the free world position. Now, when we examine the most current statistics, it is difficult to confirm the mentioned statement. The United States lagged behind in some areas that are critical to their competitiveness on the world stage.  vision/wall/articles/human-behavior looking-paths.jsp Looking paths Looking paths. A poll was recently conducted by the new Open Air magazine on our preferences regarding outside activities and how we prefer to do them. Some answers were expected and some others appear surprising.  vision/wall/articles/human-resources commitment-of-employees.jsp The unfortunate state of the commitment of employees Very recently the Blessing White Consulting published a landmark study on The State of Employee Commitment based on results of research done in the US, the UK (and Ireland) and Asia. Committed employees are in high spirits and use their talents and efforts to make a difference for their companies.  vision/wall/articles/human-resources negative-selection.jsp Negative selection - politics dictatorship and corporate dictatorship This text is basically a political issue, but if you read it carefully you will see that fits perfectly in the way many corporate and / or departmental hierarchies are composed, aiming at a self protecting of those who are at the top of the hierarchy, ie , bosses. Negative selection, in politics, is a process that occurs in rigid hierarchies, most notably in dictatorships.  vision/wall/articles/human-resources obesity-costs-and-wellness.jsp Obesity, costs and wellness According to the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality of the US, all US adults could be overweight in forty years. This frightening prediction is one of the findings in this study funded by the US government. Two thirds of the population is already classed as being overweight, and thus, any increase would cause alarm. These new projections, published recently in the journal Obesity are based on data collected for about 34 years.  vision/wall/articles/human-resources supporting-family-priorities.jsp Supporting family priorities We are in an era where it is expected that human resource professionals are magical. This is due to the fact that these professionals, with limited financial resources need to help employees reduce stress levels while keeping them engaged and productive. In the book Lean and Meaningful, written by Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia, one of the important points that we raised as of great importance in the workplace is to support the family's needs and priorities of employees.  vision/wall/articles/human-resources tattoos-piercings-and-jobs.jsp Tattoos, Piercings and Jobs To the extent that more businesses understand the risks, it is expected that companies discourage their employees to use tattoos and piercings and that they guide the younger workers to use means of expressing their individuality less dangerous forms.  vision/wall/articles/human-resources the-remuneration-of-executives.jsp The remuneration of Executives As business consultants, we have recommended to executives seeking new job opportunities to assess their potential employers based on the total remuneration package, now called total rewards, including benefits, bonuses and additional privileges. Recently, the company Equilar, an expert on wage survey, conducted a study detailing some trends on total rewards of senior executives of the 95 largest public companies by revenue in the United States.  vision/wall/articles/human-resources use-of-instant-message.jsp The Use of Instant Message to Reduce Interruption Most people who use the instant messaging software (IM) for chatting in the work leading to increased breakage. In fact, a study recently published by researchers at Ohio State University and University of California at Irvine, showed that employees who use IM at work, report that suffer less disruption than their colleagues who do not use it. Research has shown that MI is often used in place of other more disruptive media, such as telephone, email and personal conversations. This, in fact, leads to increased productivity. This study was written by Dr. R. Kelly Garrett of Ohio State and Dr. James N. Danziger UCLA.  vision/wall/jokes elephant-jokes.jsp Elephant jokes Elephant jokes.  vision/wall/prayers glory-to-the-father.jsp Glory be to the Father! Catholic prayer used during the Rosary Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. So it was in the beginning, is now and ever. Amen.  vision/wall/prayers hail-mary.jsp Hail Mary! Main Catholic Prayer, dedicated to Virgin Mary. Hail Mary! Main Prayer Roman Catholic Church dedicated to Virgin Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God the Father Almighty.  vision/wall/prayers holy-spirit.jsp Holy Spirit! Prayer widely used in requests and promises. Holy Spirit! Prayer widely used in requests and promises.  vision/wall/prayers our-father.jsp Our Father! The prayer that Jesus Christ taught us. Our Father! The prayer that Jesus Christ taught us.  vision/wall/tips domestic.jsp Household tips for your home, house, apartment, site, farm ... Household tips for your home, apartment, garage, site, farm, field, barn, stable, stable, etc.  vision/wall/tips ecological.jsp Green tips for you to contribute to the preservation, restoration of nature, the environment. Green tips for you to contribute to the preservation and / or restoration of nature, the environment. We are an ecosystem where all parties have their importance, so we have to maintain the balance between the parts of this whole.  vision/wall/tips health.jsp Life and health tips for you, your family, your friends, etc. Health tips for a healthier, richer and happier life for you, your family, your sons and daughters, children, parents, relatives, etc. Curing diseases of patients.  vision/wall/tips/ecological prayer-for-ecology.jsp Prayer for ecology, nature, environment. A request for God's forgiveness for all the harm caused to nature, the ecosystem in general. Prayer for ecology, for nature, for the environment. Social responsibility. My God! Forgive us for all the evils that we humans are committing to nature in general...
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